Please note: These outlines are for law school classes. They are not likely to be accurate statements of the law in your jurisdiction and should not be relied upon for legal advice or knowledge: they are a learning tool for law students. In fact, these outlines were produced for our own personal use and may not even accurately state the material of the class. They are often incomplete and occasionally erroneous. Rely on them at your own risk.



Business Associations, Prof. Lazaroff, Fall 2011.

Civil Procedure, Prof. Aaron Caplan, 2009-2010.

Constitutional Law, Prof. Kurt Lash, Spring 2010. [Short Outline].

Constitutional Law II, Prof. Marcy Strauss, Fall 2010.

Contracts, Prof. Bryan Hull, Fall 2009. [Unsure how complete this outline is, but here's a nifty UCC 2-207 chart I made.]

Criminal Law, Prof. Yxta Murray, Fall 2009.

Employment Law, Prof. Michael Waterstone, Spring 2011.

Evidence, Dean Victor Gold, Fall 2010.

First Amendment Survey, Prof. Aaron Caplan, Fall 2011.

Trusts and Wills, Prof. Peter Tiersma, Fall 2010. (Note: this outline is exceptionally unclear and probably wrong with regard to intestate succession systems, as well as some of the duties of trustees. Look elsewhere for those.)


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