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Jacob Genzuk is a 2L at the Chapman University School of Law, where he is a Copy and Layout editor of the Chapman Law Courier and a member of the Board of Governors of the Chapman Student Bar Association. Raised across the southwestern United States (including time in Phoenix, AZ and El Paso, TX), he was educated in the Los Angeles area, culminating with his Bachelor of Arts degree from Whittier College with double majors in Political Science and “Ethics & Rhetoric.” During his time as a Poet, he served both as a Resident Advisor and vice president of the student body. He is primarily interested in constitutional law, specifically First Amendment, Due Process, and Equal Protection issues, and intends to pursue a career in criminal law. When away from the text books, he especially enjoys baseball and films.

Adam Steinbaugh is a 2L at Loyola Law School, where he is an editor of the Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review. Hailing from Colorado, he migrated to Los Angeles and attended Whittier College, where he graduated with honors in Political Science and served as president of the student body. He is primarily interested in freedom of speech theory and litigation, particularly in the context of higher education. He has previously worked in the field of internet security for Fox Interactive Media and enjoys a wide variety of music. His resume is available here.

NOTE: We are not lawyers, we are students. Our words should not be mistaken for those of seasoned (and licensed) professionals. The posts, outlines, and other commentary supplied here are the cumulative output of our musings — and they are likely wrong in a number of respects. In other words, trust us for amusement — but don’t make decisions based on what we say. We’re just guessing.

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