Overland High School relents

The Denver Post reports that Overland High School in Cherry Creek, Colorado, has backed down from an apparent attempt at censorship of the student newspaper, and has extended an olive branch to the editors (and their advocates) by rescinding an earlier policy of prior review. But cause for concern remains. Continue reading

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A Note for 1Ls (and those considering becoming one)

“You just have to wake up one day and realize it’s a lifestyle; it’s a decision.”

I was lucky enough this past week to bump into a friend from undergrad, Christian. We chatted a bit about what we had done since we left Whittier, me in 2009 and him the following May. We caught up on each other’s lives, and I asked him specifically what he had been doing since leaving Southern California (he’s from the East coast).

He told me that his company on the East Coast (he owns an auto-detailing service for corporate and fleet accounts) was up and running, but it didn’t need him there so he was traveling. He’d spent some time snowboarding on the Rockies, and then a month or two in San Francisco enjoying his friends and the city, and how he was in Southern California, “just kind of living.”

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A crash course in censorship in Colorado

At a Denver-area high school, editors of the student newspaper are learning a difficult lesson: embarrassing a school, even unintentionally, is a risky prospect when administrators control their ability to publish. Never mind the First Amendment, Colorado state law, or school district policy.

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Not a litter box

To say that this blog has been on the backburner is an understatement — we’ve been talking about something like this for at least three years or so. I’m sure much of the blog will turn out to be more of a blawg, focusing on the legal world (both new and old cases, holdings, and opinions, and law school). BUT, I’m rather sure a good amount of the blog will stay away from the legal world as well. While Adam will talk about music, I’m sure I’ll end up blogging about film and baseball as well.

Should be an interesting experiment, assuming we can keep it up.

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A sandbox

A brief first post:

This blog has long been on the backburner. We intend to cover issues for law students, discuss First Amendment law and other legal issues, tackle the occasional parliamentary procedure, and maybe talk about some music.

For now, I intend to sleep.

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